More safety for anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologists will have available a device that assists them during the entire epidural procedure, from the positioning of the needle in the space to the placement of the epidural catheter.

More safety for patients

Guido allows for a drastic reduction in epidural failure, offering greater security in the effectiveness of anesthesia for patients undergoing this type of procedure.

Real-time measurements

Thanks to the possibility of real time monitoring of the correct progress of the catheter in the epidural channel, it will be possible to carry out in a simple and safe manner epidural procedures that are more risky with the techniques currently available, such as chest or cervical epidural.

Less time in hospital

Guido will shorten hospitalization times by reducing the rate of epidural failure, reducing post-operative pain, reducing the rate of postoperative cardiovascular complications, and improving post-operative rehabilitation.

Often Medical

A new frontier in epidural anesthesia

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The Researchers at Often Medical have developed Guido, an innovative kit for epidural anesthesia based on optical fiber technology that makes epidurals safer and more effective. The system has been developed to be immediately used by anesthesiologists and is compatible with the standard ‘loss of resistance’ technique.

The innovative system, patented internationally, allows not only guidance of the needle until it reaches the epidural space, but verification of the correct placement of the catheter. Fiber optic sensors take real-time measurements of tissue pressure at the tip of the needle during penetration. During catheter insertion the same sensors detect possible kinking phenomena, the main cause of the failure of epidural procedures.

The ability to monitor in real time the placement of the epidural catheter makes Guido a unique device among epidural anesthesia kits currently on the market.

Guido is an original device for epidural anesthesia

Discover the benefits of using Guido

Awards and acknowledgments


Often Medical was awarded the best idea for innovative startups at the BeMat event held in Capri from June 20-22, 2018.


Often Medical has been selected to participate in Tech2Biz, the nationwide acceleration program for excellent university spin-offs funded by Venture Capital Venture 3 Technology Transfer Fund.

Unicredit Start Lab

Often medical was ranked second in the life science category in the Unicredit SmatLab 2019 competition reserved for startups and innovative SMEs.

Premio Gaetano Marzotto

Often Medical is one of the finalists for the prize “From Idea to Enterprise” in the 9th edition of the Premio Gaetano Marzotto.